Big News from the Crunchy Clean Family

Our Crunchy Clean family is growing!  First, we had a little Baby Brummer niece or nephew coming in Kansas at the beginning of March. Then, in June, Jerod and I will be adding our 3rd little Brummer here in Omaha.

BUT, the biggest news is that Jeremy and Ashley, the Crunchy Clean founders/CEOs/Big Kahunas, have decided to add to their family as well! They already have two beautiful daughters, both with their own miraculous birth stories.

But they have talked about adopting for as long as I have know them– over 7 years.  And, they are finally taking the plunge and starting the process.  There are certainly children all over the world who need loving families of their own, but it is Jeremy and Ashley’s desire to have a domestic adoption.  They’re open to either a baby boy or girl under the age of 3– whichever God chooses to bless them with.

Even though, they are just starting out, they are already working hard raising funds for their newest future family member.  That’s where you and I come in!

Their first fundraising effort is selling these beautiful bracelets:


Handcrafted in Haiti, each bracelet is made by tightly wrapping strips of paper around a needle. Each paper bead is then painted in a glossy sealant to keep it secure. It’s a painstaking process.


Gorgeous colors and details

Each bracelet is unique and colorful and comes with a tag detailing the artisan who created it.


One of the best thing about these bracelets is that they are providing a sustainable income to these women and their families, allowing them money for food, clothing, and education – and especially keeping their children out of orphanages.


And they are also helping people like Jeremy and Ashley raise money to add a precious little life to their family.

Bracelets are $10 each plus flat $2 shipping (no limit).

They make great gifts– think birthdays, Mother’s Day, thank yous for teachers or babysitters, or just because! These are such a fun way to spice up your accessories– and the best part is you are helping bring a child to his or her forever home!

We only have a limited quantity of the bracelets currently available, and unfortunately, we cannot guarantee exact colors as each piece is one of a kind.

All proceeds will go towards Jeremy and Ashley’s adoption. Order and check out right here while supplies last!




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